Tennis Sector’s Efforts in Building a Sustainable Economy


People today are more conscious than ever about the impact many sports have on the environment, and the leading authorities in most sports today are always looking for new ways to become ‘greener’ and more environmentally/economically sustainable. 

Revealed on this page are some of the latest efforts that are being employed by tennis chiefs around the world to help build a more sustainable economy and make it more eco-friendly. 

What efforts are being made in tennis to build a more sustainable economy?

There are many different initiatives leading authorities in the tennis sector are using to help build a more sustainable economy, which is also helping the sport become eco-friendly. 

One of the biggest issues people have been focussing on in tennis in recent years is something that many would never have even considered was an issue – the tennis balls used in the sport!

Tennis balls are particularly difficult to recycle, and nobody involved in the sport has been able to come up with a more eco-friendly and sustainable type of ball. When you next watch a professional tennis match, pay attention to how often the umpire calls for new balls. 

According to standards set out by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), numerous balls are used in a typical match. For example, in a women’s tennis match that ends 6-0 6-0, 16 tennis balls are likely to be used, meaning most matches use more than 16 balls. 

A new set of 6 balls will be brought into the game after a total of 7 games have been played in any match, and after the next 9 games have been played, a further 6 balls are usually brought in to replace the current balls being used. 

The Tennis Open is said to stock up to 100,000 new balls each season, and they tend to use at least 70,000 of those balls every season. Each year at Wimbledon, around 54,250 balls, on average, are expected to be used, and around 100,000 balls are used each year in Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

That’s just taking into consideration professional tennis, not semi-professional or amateur tennis. 

According to stats, around 330 MILLION tennis balls are manufactured annually, and each tennis ball, which can take up to 400 years to decompose, will end up in a landfill somewhere, so something needs to be done to change the current system to try and create a ‘greener’ tennis ball. 

The process of getting the rubber for the balls, making them, and shipping them across the world leaves a huge carbon footprint. You also have to consider the impact on the environment regarding the equipment used (tennis shoes, rackets, nets, courts, and more). 

However, major organisations directly and indirectly involved in the sport are making an effort to recycle and repurpose tennis balls. They are also trying various other innovative methods to create a more sustainable economy.  

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What are the biggest tennis events still to come in late 2023 and early 2024?

Don’t worry if you have already missed out on some of the biggest tennis events in 2023 because there are still a handful of tournaments to come in late December 2023 and then in early 2024. 

The last big event in 2023 will actually run from December 29 until January 7. During this time, a joint ATP and WTA event with mixed teams from 18 countries called the 2024 United Cup will be held in Perth and Sydney, Australia. 

The other big event in January 2024 is the Australian Open, which is scheduled to run from January 14 – 18 at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. 

Who will win the January 2024 Australian Open?

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  • Player: Novak Djokovic. Current odds of winning: 2.05 (decimal), 21/20 (fractional), +105 (American/moneyline). IPR: 48.80%
  • Player: Carlos Alcaraz. Current odds of winning: 3.50 (decimal), 5/2 (fractional), +250 (American/moneyline). IPR: 28.60%
  • Player: Jannik Sinner. Current odds of winning: 6.50 (decimal), 11/2 (fractional), +550 (American/moneyline). IPR: 15.40%
  • Player: Daniil Medvedev. Current odds of winning: 7.00 (decimal), 6/1 (fractional), +600 (American/moneyline). IPR: 14.30%

Some of the other players to watch throughout the Australian Open are Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Andrey Rublev, and Holger Rune, to name a few. 

Final note

Tennis is by no means the worst sport for being economically and environmentally unsustainable. The worst offenders are skydiving, aerobatics, and other air sports that use a lot of jet fuel, golf (which some people find hard to believe), and motor racing events like Formula 1, drag car racing, and NASCAR. 

However, each sport, including tennis, is trying to implement new ways to not only make the sport more economically sustainable but also make it greener and have less of a negative impact on the environment in any way they can. 

It’s not just the governing authorities in sports who are helping to make a difference, but many others that are involved, from the equipment manufacturers to the fans and the sports stars themselves. If you want to learn more about 10CRIC Sports and what it is currently offering new members, go to the official website.

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