The Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products


People tend to put limits on how far they go in their conservation efforts. They may try very hard to use renewable energy sources and recyclable products, but then in some parts of their life, they might not be willing to make those concessions to the environment. Cleaning products are often one area of life where people will choose to use the same products they have always used, regardless of the implications to the environment.

Even though they may know that using scrubbing pads, disposable cloths, and toxic cleaning chemicals will be harmful for the environment, many people think that their impact is small. They are comfortable with what they are used to using and  are unsure of how efficient other, more environmentally friendly cleaning tools would be.

This does not have to be the case, though. Here are some advantages to using cleaning supplies that are actually safe or beneficial to the environment.

Healthier Chemicals

No one likes the idea of working around toxic chemicals, and yet many people do that every day when they clean their homes using standard cleaning chemicals you can buy in most stores. The parabens, ammonia, chlorine, and phosphates that are in many cleaners are bad for people and can be bad for the environment as well. A lot of these chemicals flow into the wastewater or gray water supply, contaminating plant and animal life. With safer, more environmentally friendly cleaners, the risk of contamination is greatly reduced.

You might think that the cleaning effectiveness of these products would be much less compared to their commercial counterparts, but that’s not true. You can find one source after another across the internet that offers advice on how to make natural home cleaners that are safer and even more effective than commercial cleaners. These cleaners tend to use lemon, orange, baking soda, and vinegar to clean most household messes. They work quickly and leave no sticky, toxic residue behind, so you don’t have to worry about the health and safety of small children and pets.

Not all environmentally safe cleaners will be wonder workers when it comes to getting rid of tough grime and stains, so choose your products carefully, But a large number of them are very effective and will work as well as or better than the corresponding commercial cleaners.

Save Money over Time

If you buy a product that needs to be replaced often, you are paying for the same product over and over again. Disposable cleaning supplies may seem cheap, but when you add up how often you buy them over the course of a year, then you will likely see that it pays to buy a version that is reusable and doesn’t need to go in the trash after every use.

Reusable scrubbing pads and cleaning cloths will cost more upfront, but the savings you will see throughout the year will definitely make a difference. You can trade out your sweepers and mops that use replaceable heads and choose something a little more old fashioned that can be used for years. You will save money on replacement heads and have a durable cleaning tool that you can depend on.

If you hire a Las Vegas, Nevada maid, or a maid in your local area, you can ask that they use environmentally safe cleaning supplies and methods. In most cases they will accommodate you, since more and more people are trying to be environmentally conscious. That way, you can feel good about the cleaning methods they use and do your part to protect the environment even when you are not the one doing the cleaning.

Better Air Quality

Did you know that the cleaning supplies you use can affect the air quality in your home? If you are using somewhat toxic chemicals to clean your home, then the particles from those chemicals will be trapped in your home. Even if you open windows and allow in plenty of fresh air, you will still have toxic particles hiding out in your home. They will float around in the air and reduce the quality of the air there.

With environmentally safe cleaners, you can enjoy better air quality and fewer health risks. You won’t have to worry about whether your air is safe to breathe and if you left enough time between when you cleaned and when you closed the windows back. You can also feel good about cleaning during the winter when you want to keep doors and windows closed. Most people never see what is hiding out in the air in their home. Their eyes cannot detect the pollen, dust, chemicals, and other tiny particles in the air, but those things will affect their sinuses and airways. If you could see what your air was really hiding, you might be more inclined to choose safer cleaning supplies that carry a much lower risk of hurting your air quality.   

Long-Term Health Benefits

You may be okay with wearing a face mask and gloves while you clean your home because you know that there are some risks involved with using commercial cleaners. You might think that any health hazards are short term, but that’s not entirely true. Even if you take precautions and use safe methods with these powerful and dangerous cleaners, you will still have to contend with leftover toxic residue and the effects of small particles building up inside your home and inside your body.

These toxins can get into your skin and your respiratory system, and you might not notice the effects right away. They cause more than mild irritation and a minor cough when inhaled. Some cleaning chemicals can actually cause health problems that won’t be noticed until later on in life.

If you clean with them once or twice a year, you may have no negative effects, but small particulate buildup and small negative effects that worsen over time will eventually reveal themselves. Then, you will wish that you had used environmentally friendly cleaners all along.

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