Why Should We Go More Green in 2023?


You probably have heard many of the harrowing stories on current climate change. It isn’t just ice caps melting and the world getting hotter. Major ecosystems across the globe are destabilizing. Some of them have little chance of survival with current weather patterns and human waste. However, it is not all doom and gloom. 2023 marks the year of serious changes. More people and organizations are doing their part to help make the world a greener place. Here, we can discuss the many affirmative reasons why going green is beneficial.

Accessibility for All

Having everyone pitch in, from a single individual to global corporations, makes being green so important. For those who live in common households, there are many more ways to be green than just recycling. Many energy companies are now issuing smart meters for their customers. This lets you keep track of how much energy you are using. It can also help save your bills too. Other technological aspects can also be changed so that they meet certain standards. Having solar panels on your rooftop can help produce non-carbon energy. You can also use an air-source heat pump to provide hot water instead. Other examples include:

  • Eating less meat
  • Insulating your home
  • LED light bulbs
  • Cutting out plastics
  • Having grocery shopping delivered

As for larger organizations, more resources are going into services to help become a greener place. Many supermarkets now offer recyclable shopping bags. Customers can now reuse these bags instead of getting a new, plastic one every time. Even products don’t have to come in plastic containers. Companies will also invest in “green projects” like planting trees or donating money to climate change companies. There are projects active everywhere for people to notice. You can easily find your closest green charity online.

The Benefits for Companies

More businesses are hoping to go green for a few reasons. The main reason is the global stability of the planet. It will always benefit a business to care for the planet rather than exploiting it. In the long run, any damage done to the planet will only harm its future instead of pushing it up further. One of the major concerns of the general public is how larger companies may not go green out of fear of losing money. Fortunately, going green now has solutions that cost less money and support the environment. For example, using recyclable products means spending less money on reproducing them. Investing in alternative means of electricity means paying less on the electric bill.

A rather shallow but still effective benefit of a business going green is the public appeal. Being green can positively affect the public as it shows how much the company cares. This helps develop a more trustworthy relationship with customers, showing how much we all care for the planet. As more companies go green, this is also a way to stay relevant in the current market. Any company that doesn’t go green could be looked down upon and seen as problematic.

Green Is Everywhere

There are many ways in which people can go green. More of these are being discovered every year. 2023 already has some major accomplishments that have helped benefit the world. Below is a table full of the greatest green successes of 2023:

MonthGreen News
  • It is reported that solar panels and wind turbines will provide 33% of global power by the year 2030.
  • The EU plans to completely push out the use of fossil fuels by 2050 or even earlier than that.
  • Countries are racing to reduce carbon emissions. Austria was voted the “greenest place on Earth” this month.
  • It has been studied that going green can reduce your biological age by around 2.5 years. Being green could make you younger.
  • Panama has now offered legal protection for sea turtles. This prevents them from being hunted or having their homes polluted.
  • Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has now reduced by 68%. Work was started in April 2022 and has now seen massive improvements the following year.


These are just the latest accomplishments done in the past three months. You can find improvements made in all forms of business. For example, many online casinos have servers that are powered by renewable energy. Whether playing slots or driving cars, greener energy can be found in all walks of life.

Further Convincing?

If you weren’t convinced before, we have many other reasons why you need to go green. Some of them may not even be related to saving the planet itself. For example, making your home greener is a good way to increase its market value. Building homes with sustainable materials can help sell them at a much higher profit. Recycled materials also can last five times as long. Not only do you have a home with more value, but it can also last the owner far longer than regular housing. This lets you save even more money with the maintenance itself.

Your health itself will also improve greatly from a greener lifestyle. We mentioned earlier that eating less meat is more eco-friendly. Many people have turned to veganism as a way of getting rid of harmful products and protecting wildlife. Less meat in your homes means fewer animals being killed. This means less farming, less deforestation, and cleaner air. Breathing in cleaner air can help improve your mental wellbeing too. Being green isn’t just about saving the planet. It can also be about saving yourself and other people. The World Health Organization has even considered climate change to be a major health risk.

Predictions Beyond 2023

We don’t know what the future may hold for the environment. We know that this could be the year that finally kickstarts these major changes. Major corporations like Facebook are expanding their Climate Science Centres around the world. This lets the average person learn more about climate change and how they can help. Articles such as this are just one more step in spreading the message.

Technology and catering accommodate greener options more naturally than ever. It is perfectly normal for a smartphone to have a power saver mode and a popular food chain to provide vegan options. Services will begin to push eco-friendly options as the main choice instead of just being an alternative. Every little helps, but so much more can still be done. Improvements will be made year by year, each building on the ideas of the last. The more it becomes normalized, the more likely it will be just second nature. Once taking care of the planet becomes human instinct, we will succeed in building a brighter future for generations to come.

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