The 14 Recycling Bloggers That Want To Save The Planet

Finding helpful blogs can be a challenge at the best of time. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite recycling bloggers and don’t forget you can always write for us as well.

You’re sure to learn something if you take the time:

1) RRS

RRS’s vision is “To create a world where resources are managed to minimize environmental harm.” To do this, they bought together a team of cutting edge specialists who share the same vision; Since 1986, the team has been delivering results.


They cover and discuss new case studies, latest news, and any upcoming recycling events. Make sure you check it out to keep up to date or get involved with any upcoming events.

2) Smart

Smart (Sustainable Manufacturing And Recycling Technologies) is a research group. The group’s interests include a wide range of subjects from the extraction of raw materials all the way to recycling at the end of its life.


The blog focuses on the topics surrounding materials, research, technology, and more. Every month they discuss a new hot topic that not only interests them but something they feel society will benefit from.

3) Trash Is For Tossers

The blog was created by Lauren Singer, who, in 2012, set out to live a zero-waste lifestyle. Over this time, she’s documented her progress for everyone to follow. The goal was to show that living a zero-waste didn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Trash Is For Tossers

Her definition of zero-waste is not producing any garbage, which means nothing gets sent to the landfill. And this is where she provides some stellar recycling tips. To make it easy for you to navigate the blog is categorized: Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.

4) Recycle Nation

Recycle nation is focused around recycling and green living. My favorite thing about this blog is the comprehensive recycling location database. The database is available in an app and gives the users the ability to make a recycling to-do list.

Recycle Nation

They hope by changing the way we think about recycling will, in turn, change the way we live our life. The blog is regularly updated to help increase awareness around the topics of recycling, lifestyle, local focus, and much more.

5) Forage Recycling

The company is based in the UK and specializes in waste management. Forage Recyclings blog includes very motivating articles about recycling. They understand the importance of recycling and use their platform to spread the message.


They cover a wide range of topics, including case studies, green issues, litter, recycling, and news, making sure you have current up to date information.

6) Earth 911

This is the second time I’ve included Earth 911, and for a good reason, the blog is a mecca for recycling. Their mission is “To help everyone find their own shade of green.” Due to there vast knowledge and colossal recycling database, they’ve placed themselves as a number one recycling blog.


The blog provides some of the most up to date information that’s relevant to recycling. They do this to continue to help users stay up to date.

7) Recycle This

Recycle This has been live for over four years, and since then, they have covered 900 items, and given over 14,000 ways to reuse and recycle. They wanted to keep waste out of the bin by finding as many different uses for the items in question.

The items they cover can be found in your house, garden, or office. Their posts are split into categories, for example, baby, bathroom, medical, sports, and much more.

8) Recycling Bins

The company was set founded in 2010, and although it’s a business that supplies recycling bins around the UK, it still provides excellent information around the subject in their blog post. Recycling Bin’s primary goal is to supply schools, offices, and homes with a recycling bin.

Recycling Bins

They cover a multitude of topics, some of which include; upcycling, recycling around the world, recycling roundups, and much more.

9) My Zero Waste

My Zero Waste was created by a family of four; two adults, one daughter, and their cat. The Family is based in Gloucestershire and wanted to inspire people to reduce their waste and start recycling, which is why they started the blog.


They cover a wide range of topics, including waste news, recycling, reducing, packaging, and lots more. One of my favorite things about the blog is the challenging of business to find a greener alternative, which they keep you up to date on.

10) Recycling Waste World

Recycling Waste World is a monthly magazine and an online service that dedicates itself to recycling and waste management. The company was launched in 1987 and provides readers with current information regarding recycling and waste management.

Recycling Waste World

The website has an extensive directory to assist you with your green living journey. On top of that, they cover subjects including recycling, waste management, climate change, and lots more.

11) KwikSweep

They’re a private waste management service in London; their aim is to clear your home in the most sustainable manner possible. KwikSweep aims to help reduce waste, both environmentally and economically. But that’s not all; they also run a pretty sweet blog full of information and up to date articles.


The blog covers a wide range of topics for you to get stuck into, some of which include sustainability, waste, and future projects that will help save the planet.

12) All Green

The blog was designed to give you all the updates surrounding recycling, and provide you with a few tips along the way. All Green strive to make recycling electronics more accessible and more efficient, And they’re not just a blog. They also have 100 drop-off locations for you’re electronics.


Their blog topics center around recycling electronics and reusing parts. If you’re a bit of a tech geek looking to live a more conscious lifestyle, then this is a great site to get stuck into.

13) Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach has a team of professional writers that are passionate about the environment, and in turn, recycling. The aim is to spread the word and get more people recycling. They understand how important recycling is to the planet.

Recycle Coach

The blog covers a wide range of subjects to educate and inspire change. Some of the topics include tips and tricks, upcoming news, and more.

14) Millennium Recycling

Their goal is to continue driving the recycling rate up, utilizing education and innovation. Millennium Recycling is a company that provides recycling services in Sioux Falls and the midwest. When they’re not doing that, they provide excellent information and updates on the blog.

Millennium Recycling

In the blog, they cover subjects surrounding community and industry news, recycling rules, and much more. The website also has an extensive recycling database which will tell you: what goes in the bin, where you can take, who will pick it up and how it works.


In the end, there’s a wealth of knowledge online ready to be absorbed. Luckily I’ve done hard work for you; there’s more than enough to get you started. But, if you think I’ve missed a blog, please comment below and let me know so I can check it out!

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