The Top 20 Sustainability Blogs 2021

Sustainability blogs have been my bread and butter for years if I ever had a question about sustainable living I’d check out some blogs. But, what blogs give the most up to date information?

Sustainability Blogs 2021

Well, I’ve got you covered, this list includes blogs that I feel provide accurate research and articles.

So, here we go with my list of the top 20 sustainability blogs, in no particular order:

1) Green Steve

Steve’s story started with all the waste and rubbish he saw around the streets. It changed his outlook on the way people live there life. After noticing people didn’t think past the bin, he decided to make a change. In his blog, he documents his journey on living with a zero carbon footprint.

Green Steve

The website’s goal was to document lifestyle choices and share his experience with the masses. This is an excellent blog for anyone wanting to start living a zero-carbon footprint life. His posts range from travel, lifestyle, business, and much more.

2) EarthEasy

Earth easy was founded in 2000 by Greg Seaman. In the 1970s, he went to an exhibit called “Can Man Survive,” it talked about how humankind needs to cut down on pollution before it was too late. Thirty years later, the message hadn’t changed, but nothing was being done about it.


Which is why he started this blog he wanted to inform and assist people to live a green life. Half of his blog talks about topics ranging from living off the grid to eco-lifestyle. The other half of the blog sells products, which help you on your sustainability journey. The best thing is with any item sold; they plant a tree.

3) Earth911

Earth911 is a sustainability blog focused on recycling. Their mission is to “help people find their own shade of green.” They wanted to create a blog that promoted change and showed people sound practices. They believe that educating people and creating a community is vital for change.


Over the last 20 years, Earth911 has positioned itself as a recycling authority site by making a forum platform that shares ideas. Their website provides news and content to help you become zero waste. It also has a mobile app, which has 1.6 million ways to recycle over 350 materials. A great place to start your recycling journey.

4) TreeHugger

TreeHugger has been around since 2004 and stays true to its name. Over that time, the blog has become very successful by bringing green blogs to the mainstream. The blog itself has everything and anything to do with green living and helping the planet.


The blog is regularly updated with fresh and new green living tips; they also publish an up to the minute blog. The topics range from design, science, transposition, and more. Whatever you’re looking TreeHugger has something for you.

5) Planet Ark

Planet Ark was created to help people, governments, and businesses to reduce the impact they’re having on the environment. The mission was simple. They wanted to unite governments and businesses to take positive environmental actions.

Planet Ark

Since the charity blog started six years ago, they now enjoy an 87% brand recognition for there environmental and sustainable practices. Their topics focus around reducing, reusing, and recycling. They also keep you up to date on all the eco-projects they are involved with.

6) Ethical Hour

Sian started the blog as a hobby. She wanted to empower people to live and work more ethically. By living and learning about an ethical way of life, she brought sustainability to the masses. Her goal is to connect ethically minded business owners to help create a powerful change.

Ethical Hour

The blog helps to highlight issues while presents solutions and inspiring people to make a change. Sian’s topics range from sustainability, ethical business, and ethical living. For living a moral life, the blog will provide you with the skills and resources needed to make a change.

7) The Climate Reality Project

Al Gore got the world talking about climate change. And at the time, people deemed him crazy, yet today the message still stands strong. A year after his film “An Inconvenient Truth” he founded what became the Climate Reality Project, the mission is to find a global solution for the problems we face.

Climate Reality Project

They want to empower climate activists to make a change. The project has 20,000 climate leaders in over 150 countries. So, there’s a lot of traction behind this group. The blog post focuses on up to date news, climate issues, new ideas, and proposes solutions.

8) Grist

Grist claim to be the beacon in the fog, to stop the planet from burning. The independent and none profit newsroom pursue in-depth stories. They know the climate, sustainability, and social justice are the most critical talking points today.


Their blog helps to spread news and shame to people that stand in their way of living a sustainable lifestyle. The blog focuses on climate change, politics, science, and sustainability. The blog gives its readers context and knowledge while supplying tools to make a difference.

9) Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma was created by a mother that wanted to find the best eco-friendly products on the market. Micaela’s goal was to bring well-researched ideas to the masses. Since then, Micaela has created an active group of mums looking to help you on the journey.

Mindful Momma

At Mindful Momma, she gives you tips and tricks on how to read the products’ labels and what it means so that you can make better choices. Her topics range from Healthy food, natural living, and none toxic beauty. If you’re into beauty products, she has some excellent information.

10) Zero-Waste Home

Bea Johnson is from France, but now lives her life in California, in 2008 Bea adopted a zero-waste lifestyle. Since then, she’s started her blog and sold books called Zero-Waste Home. She also gives talks all over the world, advising people on how to make a difference.


Bea is a super interesting person with a great blog to read through. Throughout the blog, she gives tips and tricks while providing product information. The blog focuses on topics such as lifestyle, travel, living eco-lifestyle, and food and drink. Follow her on Instagram, like I said she’s fascinating.

11) Eco-Cult

The chief editor is Alden Wicker. She wanted to deepen her understanding of the fashion supply chain. Alden made Eco-Cult intending to expand options when it comes to sustainable fashion brands. Her blog focuses on the New York area; due to it being her home city.


From reading the blog, you can tell her topics are deeply researched and bring solutions for sustainable clothing lines. The site covers issues around fashion, beauty, travel, and more. It also features an extensive database of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands.

12) Gypsy Soul

Over the last five years, Georgina Caro has been on a mission to get people to take up a waste-free life. The ultimate goal was to minimize and simplify her life. In doing so, she got rid of 75% of her possessions, which reduced her monthly outgoings.

Gypsy Soul

Now she spreads her knowledge via her blog. The topics include how to live a sustainable lifestyle, zero-waste, wellness, and minimalism. Her blogs are fascinating and easy to read. If you’re looking to live the minimalist lifestyle, then this blog will push you in the right direction.

13) Sustainably-Chic

Natalie has created an online destination for sustainable fashion. She was shuffling around the fashion industry seven years ago, but couldn’t stay unless it became more sustainable. As the “Gal that couldn’t keep her mouth shut,” she started the blog to spread the word.

Sustainably Chic

Her blog focuses on being transparent and honest around sustainable and affordable brands. Natalie covers the topics of green beauty, sustainable fashion, and an eco-lifestyle. You can tell throughout her blogs that she states her view while remaining transparent.

14) Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization. They work with businesses, agriculture, and forests to make “responsible business the only business.” Their alliance dreams of the world where people and nature can live in harmony together.

Rainforest Alliance

Their blog posts focus around informing people on deforestation and climate change. Its topics are well informed and up to date. They cover subjects from forests, food, farming, wildlife, climate, and people. If you want to stay up to date with rainforest projects, then this is a great resource.

15) Eco Warrior Princess

In 2010 Jennifer Nini, a writer, activist, and certified organic farmer, started her blog. The self-proclaimed “Eco Warrior Princess” set out to provide her insight on living a sustainable life. Eco warrior is now a community of intelligent and stylish people that want to be part of the solution.

Eco Warrior Princess

Her blog tries to move away from the hippy theme and try’s to dismantle ethical elitism. Her blogs focus on issues such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, and more. Her blog also has some great resources for shopping and going vegan.

16) Inhabitat

Jill Fehrenbacher started the blog as a forum for up and coming trends and projects. Now the blog is more focused on developments in environmental technology and policies. Their site is featured in multiple publications, including Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.


Now, Jill’s blog provides regular and up to date information on all environmental news around the world. The website’s topics include the environment, architecture, and design. The site is dedicated to solving environmental problems by using smart design.

17) Green Element

Green element was created by founding member William Richardson in 2004. Their mission is to encourage businesses to develop relationships with their surrounding areas. Although they are passionate about the environment they are driven by business.

Green Element

They care about the environment, and wants everyone to jump on the bandwagon. They think outside the box and try to draw inspiration. They cover various topics but tend to stick around legal and ethical living. check them out if you get the chance.

18) Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network is a massive (MNN) blog, which is viewed in over 200 countries. Launched in 2009 by Joel and Chuck, they try and push the boundaries around sustainability and green issues. Together they designed the blog to spread information and knowledge surrounding the environment and responsible living.

Mother Nature Network

MMN wants to target people that want to make a difference. The topics include family, home, travel, and food, all of which are deeply researched. If you have the time, the blog is worth checking out. They have vast amounts of knowledge if you can digest it.

19) Conservation Folks

Emily Folk stared the Conservation Folks blog to inform people around the world on how and where we fit in. As an avid writer, she wanted to combine it with her passion for nature. Her ultimate goal through her blogs. Is to help people understand the impact we are having on the planet and the creatures that live there.

Conservation Folks

Her blog focuses on providing the audience with all the up to date news surrounding conservation and global wildlife. She covers topics around oceans, wildlife, environment, and green technology with considerable research. It’s a lovely website that includes a variety of sustainability issues.

20) Moral Fibres

Wendy Graham created moral Fibres in 2013. She started the blog because she was fed up with the misconception that green living is un-affordable. So she set herself the mission to prove people wrong; her website now full of affordable and stylish green solutions.

Moral Fibres

In her blog, she likes to bust myths surrounding sustainability. To make it easy to navigate. She split her blog into six categories. Some of the topics included are lifestyle, travel, and food & drink. That’s just a few generally, she tries to cover all aspects of sustainable living — a perfect blog for any trying to live an eco-friendly life.


There’s a wealth of knowledge available at the touch of fingers tips. These are my go-to 20 Sustainability blogs, if you get the chance, read as much as you can.

I can’t put into words how much these blogs helped on my journey. The information is there, you just need to read it.

And on a final note, I recently stumbled across an eco-friendly marketplace called Lochtree where you can buy fantastic products that don’t damage the environment.

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