100 Everyday Reusable Items: The Definitive List

Are you looking for a complete list of all the reusable items that will save the planet? You’re in the right place!

I’ve pulled together 100 reusable items that you can you every day.

Here’s a list of items that will lower your carbon footprint; and save the world:

Men’s Reusable Items

If you’re a man and you’re looking for some reusable male items, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few things that will help you lower the amount of waste you create.

1) Stainless Steel Razor

Stainless steel razors are a great way to lower plastic waste that comes with a disposable razor. They last a lot longer, and because they’re manufactured out of steel, you can recycle them.

Stainless Steel Razor

2) Incontinence Pads

Washable incontinence pads lower the amount of plastic trash heading to landfills. And then the chemicals involved in making the pads aren’t doing the planet any favors. Reusable incontinence pads are for the more eco-friendly person.

Incontinence pad for men

3) Handkerchief

Every day thousands of trees are cut down to make tissue paper. It might not seem like a massive difference, but using a reusable handkerchief the next time you have a cold could save a tree from being cut down.


4) Reusable Earplugs

Single-use earplugs are usually made with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane, which makes them very bad for the environment. Reusable earplugs generally use more environmentally friendly materials and can last a few months before needing a replacement.

Reusable Earplugs

5) Reusable Respirator

Respirators are used every day at building sites, and many of them have forms of plastic within. This means they cause harm to the environment. Using reusable respirators lowers the amount of un-biodegradable materials being sent to landfills.

Reusable Respirator

Women’s Reusable Items

Beauty products can be incredibly wasteful, and many people don’t realize there’s a reusable option that will help lower their carbon footprint.

6) Menstrual Pads

For years I was using a regular tampon until I thought about the damage they were doing. This is where I found best reusable pads; they stopped me sending hundreds of pads to a landfill site. Check out this page if you want to learn more about the best reusable menstrual pads.

reusable menstrual pad

7) Menstrual Cups

They’re usually made with medical-grade silicone. Instead of absorbing the flow, the reusable menstrual cup collects it until removal. One cup can be used for over five years, which is a lot of waste and money to be saved.

Menstrual Cup

8) Nursing Pads

Disposable pads might seem like a good idea, but that’s not always the case. Not only does it end up being a lot more expensive, but the manufacturing of cotton and nylon uses a lot of natural resources. Which is why mommy’s should use reusable nursing pads.

Nursing Pads

9) Epilator

Many of us use disposable razors for our grooming regime, but that means a lot of waste. Using an No products found. means years of plastic waste being saved, and some of the parts can be recycled.


Reusable Baby Items

Baby items are incredibly harmful to the environment; here are some items that will stop us from harming the environment. Check them out and see if you can lower your baby’s carbon footprint.

10) Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers are causing nightmares at landfills, the plastic, and the cotton mix has difficulties biodegrading. Switching to reusable cloth diapers might not be for everyone, I understand. But, it is the right thing to do and the best reusable diapers save you money.

Pile of cloth diapers

11) Swim Diapers

There’s nothing like watching a baby splash around in the pool, but it also means a lot of bloated diapers being chucked away. The best reusable swim diapers are an easy waterproof solution, and they’re chemical-free.

Swim Diaper

12) Cloth Wipes

You might not realize it, but baby wipes can cause vast amounts of problems for the environment and our sewage systems. Cloth wipes are far more eco-friendly, and you can reuse them time and time again.

cloth wipes

13) Food Pouches

The amount of money people spend on single-use food pouches is astonishing. But it doesn’t have to be if you opt for reusable food pouches. You can store what you want in there knowing it’s going to stay fresh, and not damage the environment.

Reusable food pouch

14) Reusable Diaper Bag

There’s no need for plastic bags when you have a reusable diaper bag. Most come with two compartments, one for the dirty smelly ones and another for dry.

Biubee Diaper Bag

Reusable Pet Products

Our pets are like children, yet we never think about the damage we are doing to the planet with certain pet products. Check some of these items out and see if you can make a difference.

15) Reusable Dog Diapers

Some people insist on taking their dogs out in there expensive Gucci bag, but that means the dog can end up going to the toilet in the bag. Or maybe your dogs to old to make outside now. Reusable dog diapers leave you assured no mess is going to end up on the floor.

Reusable dog diapers

16) Reusable Pee Pad

If you live in a highrise block of flats, it might be harder to get your dog to the toilet. Regular dog pads usually contain large quantities of plastic material, which doesn’t decompose. Reusable pee pads allow you to wash them if your dog couldn’t hold it.

puppy on a pee pad

17) Reusable Food Bag

If you’re going on a long trip with your pet or someone is looking after them for you, you’ll need something to put the food in. That’s were reusable pet food bags can come in; as a bonus, some pet stores sell food with zero packagings; now, the packaging can stay with the shop.

Reusable dog food pouch

18) Reusable Poop Bags

Flushing dog poop is the most effective way to dispose of the feces; it’s important to note that cat poop should never be flushed; it contains harmful parasites. Reusable poop bags like Noblo Poof allow you to wait until your home to dispose of the waste, and it saves you using plastic.


Reusable Travel/Leisure Products

Traveling can be a lot more wasteful than you think, and unless you’re a seasoned Ecofreek you might not know how to make a difference. Check out these products which will help you become less wasteful:

19) Reusable Flatware

Unless you’re a seasoned camper, you probably won’t overthink about buying disposable cutlery. And even you go for a biodegradable set; you’re still not helping the environment. Biodegradable plastic isn’t what everyone thinks. This is why switching to reusable flatware can significantly benefit the environment.

Reusable Flatware

20) Reusable Travel Bags

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’ve only been abroad a couple of times, you’ll remember the little plastic bags they give you. Reusable travel bags save you the effort of fiddling around with plastic bags, and on the plus side, it one less plastic bag used.

plastic bag vending machine

21) Reusable Shampoo Bottles

Shampoo bottles are up with plastic drink bottles for the damage they cause to the environment; reusable shampoo bottles stop this. You can try making your own, or try and find a shop that sells in bulk; you can take your own bottle to save on packaging.

Reusable shampoo bottle

22) Reusable Cooler Bag

The number of times I’ve walked down the beach and seen people with styrofoam coolers is astonishing. And it’s even worse when they leave it on the beach to swept up by the sea; reusable cooler bags will stop this.


23) Twist Ties

Rubber bands aren’t made with 100% natural rubber, so they don’t biodegrade, which is annoying considering how handy they are for organizing cables or sealing bread. Nite Ize reusable twist ties are a great option to cut down on waste; plus, they last longer than rubber bands.

Nite Ize

24) Reusable Batteries

Everyone needs to use batteries, its just one of those things now. But single-use batteries can cause serious harm to the environment if not disposed of correctly. The benefit of reusable batteries is less natural resources have to dug-up.

Rechargeable batteries

25) Reusable Go-Cup

Plastic cups are slowly getting banned from fast food/drink restaurants. But until then, why not take your own reusable go-cup. It cuts down on trees getting cut down, and plastic polluting the ocean.

Reusable Go-Cups

26) Solar-Powered Charger

The sun is a powerful energy source which many people underestimate, solar-powered chargers let you harness that power. Solar panels for cameras are a prime example, allowing for eco-friendly and efficient operation of security and surveillance systems. You can charge your devices with the cleanest energy source, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Solar Charger

27) Pocket Warmers

Single-use pocket warmer used to do some severe harm to the environment due to the chemicals involved. Luckily they’ve designed the best reusable hand warmers to help stop any harmful waste making it’s way to a landfill.

reusable pocket warmer

28) Reusable Snack Bags

For some reason, I always feel the hungriest when I’m traveling, which is why I use Glamfields reusable snack bags. It allows me to snack while I’m on the move, and the best bit is I don’t have to feel guilty about unnecessary plastic.

Glamfields Snack Bags

29) Reusable Sports Tape

Sports tape doesn’t biodegrade at all, but if you’re an active person, you may have to use tape for health reasons. To stop tape ending up in landfills, purchase reusable sports tape, it will last for years before it needs replacing.

Sports wrap

30) Reusable Ice Pack

Single-use ice packs aren’t the safest things in the world; luckily, we have some of the best reusable ice packs we can reuse. It stops the amount of plastic being used, and the materials are usually safer than single-use.

Reusable Ice Packs

31) Heat Pack

Just like pocket warmers, heat packs were harming landfills with their non-biodegradable materials. Reusable heat packs allow you to tend to your injuries and the environment at the same time.

Reusable heat pack

32) Ice Bags

Ice bags allow you to find instant release from your ice dispenser. Some people tend to use plastic bags and then discard them once there done. Ice bags are a great reusable option to combat plastic.

reusable ice bag

33) Reusable travel Bottles

If you like traveling light, then you’ll need some small reusable bottles. You’re not allowed to carry liquids on a plan over 30 ml, which can be a problem. Save yourself having to find tiny shampoos and conditioners and fill up your own.

Travel bottle

Reusable Items For Your Home

One of the first places we should look at for reducing our waste is our home. You might be surprised with how wasteful you are once you’ve got through this list:

34) Bidet

It’s surprising how long it takes for toilet roll to biodegrade, which is causing problems if left untreated. Bidets give you a cleaner option of cleaning over toilet paper, and on the plus side, it stops trees from being cut down.


35) Napkins

Every day thousands of trees are cut down to make napkins, and with forest and wildlife depleting, it’s more important than ever to cut down on our paper usage. Reusable napkins let you clean them instead of chucking them away, and they’re not made with paper.

reusable cloth napkins

36) Tea Bags

A lot of people think that tea bags are biodegradable, the thing is most of them aren’t, which leads to a lot of waste build-up. But the best reusable tea bags let you clean out any tea leaves once you’ve finished.

Reusable Tea Infuser

37) Coffee Filters

Teabags aren’t the only warm beverage that comes under fire for there wasteful nature. Millions of coffee filters are used every day and make their way to landfills. The best reusable coffee filters, on the other hand, counteract this.

Reusable coffee filter

38) Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax wrap was the ability to eliminate the need for cling film. It wraps around food and bowls tightly to keep the food fresh. And the best bit is, it’s made with 100% natural materials; no BPA or other harmful toxins.

Beeswax wrap

39) Bowl Cover

When your hosting parties, you can end up using a lot of plastic wrap covering food and punch bowls. Bowl covers allow you to wash and reuse them when needed. Help save the planet one piece of plastic at a time.

bowl cover

40) Reusable Kitchen Towel

Again deforestation is a massive problem, and all the kitchen roll people are using doesn’t help matters. Instead of using paper towels, why not try Miztag Homewares reusable kitchen towels? They help save the environment and your pennies along the way.

Miztag Homewares Kitchen Towels

41) Microwaveable Food Cover

Cutting down on the amount of single-use plastic is key to living a zero-waste life. With people microwaving more food than ever due to busy lifestyles, a Tovolo microwaveable cover is perfect for cutting down on plastic.

Tovolo microwaveable food cover

42) Table Lining

I understand when your hosting events, you want things to be as simple as possible. But at what cost? Reusable table lining not only saves unnecessary waste heading to landfills, but it stops the promotion of trees being cut down.

reusable table cloth

43) Grocery Bag

Every adult has a little draw of plastic bags they don’t know what to do with. Reusable grocery bags allow you to say no next time a shop assistant offers you a plastic bag. Check out some of the best reusable grocery bags.

Reusable grocery bag

44) Reusable Produce Bags

In a similar fashion to plastic shopping bags, produce bags are causing great harm to our environment. The best reusable produce bags are made using a cotton mesh; it allows the cashier to see what’s inside without having to fumble around inside.

reusable produce bag

45) Reusable Floor Wipes

Floor wipes are excellent for cleaning tile floors; the problem is they cause too many problems for the environment. The chemicals they use are very harsh, and they don’t decompose. Make your own or purchase a reusable floor wipe.

reusable floor wipes

46) Lint Roller

If you own animals, you’ll know how important it is to have a lint roller; the hairs are endless. But the problem with lint rollers is the sticky sheets; they’re a nightmare for the planet. Luckily you can use WOWGO washable lint rollers that retain their stickiness after washing.

WOWGO 2nd Version Lint Roller

47) Laundry Balls

Laundry balls can last around 2-5 years or over 1,000 washes before they need replacing. Which let’s face it, is a lot better than single-use dryer sheets. Now you can have fresh-smelling clothes without damaging the earth.

Laundry balls

48) Reusable Cleaning Cloth

Some cleaning cloths don’t have the best shelf life. After a couple of uses, they’re already falling apart. Reusable cleaning cloths are far more heavy-duty, and you can wash them as and when needed.

Micro-fiber cleaning cloth

49) Reusable Air Freshener

Houses get smelly; it’s just the way it is, which is why air fresheners are so important for so many households. The issue is with the materials; they use harmful chemicals. Wyewye reusable air fresheners allow you to recharge the air freshener.

Wyewye Air Freshener

50) Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

I’m going to be honest, nearly all washing gloves are reusable, but these really help to cut down on waste. The Anzoee Scrubbing Gloves have silicone bristles at the bottom, allowing you to clean the plates without the need for sponges.

Anzoee Scrubbing Gloves

51) Reusable Trash Bags

With the complete ban single-use plastics getting closer and closer, people are looking for alternatives. Reusable trash bags offer you a leak-proof way of storing your trash without the need for plastic. Check out Planet Wise if you’re looking for a reusable option.

Planet Wise Reusable Trash Bags

52) Reusable Washing Nuts

It’s pretty well known that washing powder cannot be reused, which means we need to purchase cardboard and plastic boxes of powder. But not with reusable washing nuts, they can last for over 125 washes before they need replacing.

reusable washing nuts

53) Notepad

We use notepads in our everyday life, even with all the technology that surrounds us. The thing is you can’t beat writing shopping lists or quick reminders on a notepad. But as we know, cutting down trees is wrong; reusable notebooks allow you to wipe the slate clean once you’ve finished.


54) Packing Materials

Moving house can be a tireless task, packing everything down into boxes and making sure it secure is soul-destroying. Most people would run to the packing shop and load up on styrofoam pieces. Why not try something a little more eco-friendly like blankets, clothes, and old newspapers/scrap paper.

Reusable Packing Materials

55) Reusable Compost Bin

There’s no need for compostable bags, with a compost bin. Just fill the food scraps into the bin and dispose of them once it’s full. It saves you money and means your not purchasing any extra plastic.

Compost bin

56) Reusable Basket

When you’re going to the fruit market, why not take a basket, it’s a long-lasting, eco-friendly way of transporting your fruit and veg. It cut’s down on the amount of waste you bring back with you and save you having to unpack the fruit when you get home.

Reusable basket

57) Laundry Bags

I understand there’s not a single-use laundry bag out there (unless you use bin bags to carry your clothes). But, they’re still a tremendous reusable item, which is why I had to put it on the list — they’re great at storing clothes, organizing and washing.

Laundry bags

58) Reusable Zip Ties

The best reusable zip ties are great for storing cables and securing things in place. And unlike your average zip tie, it can be released endlessly — a great way to cut down on plastic if you use Zip ties regularly.

reusable cable ties

Reusable Food & Drink Products

We all know the harm fast-food restaurants and their containers are having on the environment. But we very rarely think about the harm we’re our own cooking habits are having on the environment. Heres a few things that might help you become a little greener:

59) Stacher Bags

Stacher bags are the best reusable ziplock bags on the market, period. They’re stronger and more durable than any other brand out there. And the best bit is, they’re entirely plastic-free and contain no harmful chemicals.

Stasher Bags

60) Bulk Bin Bags For Food

Some people like to buy their food in bulk or at packaging-free shops. But that means they need something to store/carry the food in. Bulk bags do just that; now you can store all your dry goods and stay plastic-free.

Bulk Bin Bags For Food

61) Silicone Cake Mold

Silicone cake molds stop the need for any unnecessary waste ending up in the bin. Not only that, but they’re great to cook with. The non-stick design makes it easy to remove your cakes, ending in less waste again.

Silicone cake mold

62) Lunch Bag

Paper and Ziploc bags are bad for the environment. It’s thought the average American family uses 500 Ziploc bags every year. The best reusable lunch bags are trying to change that; they’re made with cotton and beeswax to make it easy to clean.

Reusable canvas lunch bag

63) Reusable Muffin Molds

Most people wouldn’t think much about it, but muffin cases use a waxed paper that struggles to break down even in the right conditions. Reusable muffin cases let you wash and reuse them.

Silicone muffin molds

64) Reusable Bread Bag

If the daily trip to the bakery is something you look forward to, you could find yourself in an awkward position. Bakers use plastic or paper bags to take your bread away. A Reusable bakery bag allows you to leave the bakery waste-free.

Reusable bread bag

65) Reusable Popcorn Bucket

When you go to the cinema, the last thing you think about is the waste popcorn buckets create. Granted, they can biodegrade, but that doesn’t stop trees being cut down. Taking your reusable popcorn bucket will help you save trees.

reusable popcorn bucket

66) Canning Jars

Many people buy their canned food from supermarkets, which means a lot of natural resources are used. And it’s even worse if they don’t make it to recycling, why not try your own canning recipes? All you have to do is purchase some canning jars to get started.

Reusable canning jars

67) Reusable Portable BBQ

Single-use BBQs do more damage to the environment than good. They usually end up in landfill sites once they’ve been used, which is a waste of metal. Reusable BBQs can pack down just a small as a disposable one.

Reusable portable BBQ

68) Bento Box

Bento Boxes reduce the number of tubs you need to use of lunch/dinner. They have nicely laid out sections, perfect if you don’t like your foods touching. They’re a great way to cut down on single-use containers.

Reusable Bento Box

69) Silicone Mats

When your baking chances are you need to use greaseproof paper. The issue is, it struggles to break down, and is hugely wasteful. Silicone mats are your eco-friendly way ok baking without your food sticking to the tray.

Silicone mat

70) Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups are great if you’re a heavy coffee drinker. It cuts down on disposable styrofoam cups being used. And as an added benefit, a lot of them come with double-walled thermal qualities.

Reusable coffee cup

71) Water Bottle

Single-use plastic is the silent killer of the ocean; luckily, people are starting to talk about it. The best reusable water bottles stop this. Again they come double-wall insulated, so your water stays cold, they also use no harmful toxins.

Reusable bottle

72) Glass Straw

Glass straws are a great way to cut down on plastic usage. The beauty is they can be recycled once they get too old. The downside of glass is it can break easily, and I’d make sure you have a strong case for them.

Glass Straw

73) Metal Straw

The best metal straws are similar to glass straws, expect a lot stronger. The chances of breaking steel are very slim. Their strength makes them great if you’re traveling, you can also get them in different sizes and shapes for your drinking needs.

reusable metal straws

74) Bamboo Straw

Bamboo straws are the greenest drinking straw on the market. Bamboo grows at an unbelievable rate, and in some very arid conditions. As a bonus, growing bamboo helps absorb any carbon monoxide and turn it into oxygen.

Reusable bamboo straw

75) Silicone Straw

PINE KITCHEN CO. are the last straw on the list; the medical-grade silicone straw is easy and cheap to produce. It also has no harmful chemicals inside, the main issue it once it gets old, you can’t really recycle it like glass or metal.


76) Ice Cubes

Ice cubes have been found to hold bacteria inside until it melts, which is why people are opting for reusable ice cubes. Take a look at our full list of the best reusable ice cubes to avoid that problem!

Reusable Ice

77) Reusable K-Cup

Keeping up with people’s need for fast and on-demand coffee isn’t doing the planet any favors. K-cups killed the market, they’re easy to use and make great coffee, but all the pods were building up in the landfill. Reusable K-cups will help us save the planet. You can also enjoy a coffee with some tasty biodegradable K cups which will also help us save the planet.

Reusable K-Cup

78) Coffee Socks

If you want to cut down on waste, you could switch to a Tico Land coffee sock. It provides you with a perfect coffee every time. The best bit is if it breaks, you can either stitch it back up or leave it in a compost pile to break down.

Ticoland Coffee Sock

79) Reusable Drink Carrier

Drink carriers from fast food joints aren’t great for the environment. If they’re made from cardboard, you know trees have been cut down. A Outdoor Sport drink carrier allows you to carry family drinks without having to feel bad.

Outdoor Sport Reusable Drinks Carrier


As I mentioned earlier, beauty products are extremly wasteful and can be super harmful for the environment if not disposed of correctly. Here are a few items to help lower you waste:

80) Cotton Pads

Single-use cotton rounds cause more damage then you might think. The amount of water it takes to grow cotton can hardly be called ethical. But the best reusable cotton rounds helps us to reduce that impact.

Reusable cotton round

81) Reusable Sheet Mask

We all love sheet masks, but have you ever thought about what they’re doing to the environment? The packaging of the face masks hardly screams compostable; Daiso reusable sheet masks cut down on all of this waste.

Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask

82) Nylea Silicone Make-Up Sponge

It’s surprising how wasteful a beauty regime can be, have ever actually thought about how much you chuck away? The answer might surprise you, by using Nylea reusable silicone sponges, you can easily wash them and reuse them until the end of time.

Nylea Silicone Make-up spounge

83) Electronic Face Cleaner

Most face cleaners require you to purchase a new head when the old one dies. However, if that time comes, why not buy a FOREO? The company claims it will never need a head replacement.

FOREO Face Cleaner

84) Make-Up Eraser Cloth

We mentioned earlier the damage baby wipes have on the environment. Make-up remover sheets are doing precisely the same damage. A Danielle make-up eraser cloth allows you to wash it off with no harsh chemicals, only water.

Danielle Make-Up Eraser Cloth

85) Reusable Q-Tip

We all know that we shouldn’t be using earbuds; it just pushes the dirt further down. And to make it worse, these single-use pieces of plastic us damaging our environment. This is where reusable q-tips come to play; they offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Rnker Reusable Silicone Q-Tip

86) Reusable Toothpick

We’ve all need to use a toothpick at some point in our lives, the problem is, you can only use them once. And to make it worse, they’re either made with wood or plastic. Boao Reusable toothpicks are made with metal and can be reused to no end.

Boao Toothpick

87) Reusable floss holder

Flossing Your teeth is imperative to maintain good dental hygiene. But instead of cucking away the plastic ends, why not buy a reusable floss holder? Or even better ditch the string and use an electronic one with a silicone tip.

Dental floss pick


When a birthday occurs, it can be hard to find Eco-friendly alternatives that can be used for years to come. Here are a few things that can get you started:

88) Party Plates

Instead of buying paper or even worse plastic plates, you could opt to get some Stock Your Home reusable party plates. They come with some great designs and cuts down on waste significantly. If that’s not enough, it will save you money in the long run.

Stock Your Home Party Plates

89) Party Cups

By now, you should all realize that single-use products are not the way forward. Party cups allow you to cut down on waste, with some fancy cups all children will enjoy. Set an example at the next kids’ party and purchase some reusable cups.

Party plastic cups

90) Party Poppers

Party poppers are an excellent way to start the celebration off, but the problem is their single-use nature. A reusable party poppers by Party Popper uses a spring to release the confetti into the air instead of pyrotechnics.

Party Popper By Party Popper

91) Reusable Party Bags

It’s the part of the party all the kids are waiting for; the party bags. This does end up with a lot of waste being created. Reusable party bags by FHzytg offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly of letting the kids take home some goodies.


92) Reusable Gift Wrap

Every year we exposed to mountains of gift wrap, which is clogging up landfills. It’s causing more harm to the environment than we think, as you can see here. Choosing WRAPEEZ reusable gift wrap can help the situation.


93) Reusable Pinata by Goodie Gusher

Pinatas are a great way to get the kids involved at a party, and you have to admit it is pretty fun. But once it’s been used, that’s the end of its life, and it feels like a waste. Goodie Gusher Reusable pinatas allows you to use it again and again before it’s over.

Goodie Gusher Reusable Pinata

94) Reusable Bunting

Buntings are usually brought and then discarded after each event. But with a reusable chalkboard bunting, you can reuse them and personalize the message. And as a bonus, it’s not made with plastic.

Chalkboard Notch Banner by American Crafts

95) Reusable Party Napkins

When the party spread is in full flow, you can rest assured napkins will be needed, but again this means trees being cut down to be used once. Reusable party napkins look beautiful, and you can reuse them as and when you need them.

Party Napkins

96) Balloons

As you can see in my article about biodegradable balloons, they’re not as good for the environment as you might think. Reusable balloons look and work in the same fashion, except for the apparent difference you can reuse them.

DANIDEER Reusable LED Ballons

97) Halloween Drinks Bag

Halloween drinks bags from WYNK are a fun way for the kids to enjoy smoothies and fruit juices. They look like blood bags to add a Halloween feel to there party. Instead of buying some disposable drinks, why not make it a little bit more fun?

WYNK Drinks Pouch

98) Silicone Bowl Covers

Party spreads are the key to a successful party; it keeps people happy and soaks up the alcohol. But you need to keep the food fresh for it to be a success. Silicone bowl covers from Perfect and Simple create a seal around the bowl to keep things fresh.

Perfect and Simple Silicone Bowl Covers

99) Reusable Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are great for building up to Christmas, but when you get them from the shop there made with plastic and cardboard. Once they’re finished, they get chucked in the trash; reusable advent calendars can be kept for a year, and you get to choose what’s inside.

Reusable advent calander

100) Reusable Christmas Tree

Christmas trees have become a huge part of Christmas, the unfortunate factor is this means countless amounts of trees get cut down. To counteract this, why not switch to a reusable Christmas tree?

Christmas tree with a snowman


Hopefully, this helps you on your reusable journey, now it’s likely that I’ve missed something. And if that is the case, what’s your favorite reusable item that’s not on the list? Let me know below in the comment section.

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