11 Educational Films for Children Exploring Climate Change

Engage children in discussions about climate change with these kid-friendly movies. 

Prepare Earth Day movies for kids and do introductory work the rest of the time. We have compiled a list of movies about climate change that will give food for thought, especially for our readers. Although many of them are for children, they have something to think about even for adults.


1. A Fish Tale

In A FISH TALE, the adventure-loving boy, Fly, finds his plans for a fishing trip ruined. It happened exactly when his parents left him and his little sister, Stella, with their bossy aunt and nerdy cousin, Charles. Not one to be deterred, Fly takes advantage of his sleeping aunt and sneaks out with Stella and a reluctant Charles. While traveling they encounter a mad scientist. He is fully embraced by the idea of ​​saving the world from the sea because it constantly captures more and more new territories. As you guessed, global warming is its main enemy.

2. Hoot

“Hoot” follows the journey of Roy Eberhardt (Logan Lerman), as he relocates from Montana to Florida and takes action to safeguard a vulnerable owl species. Based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel, the movie features delightful, family-friendly music by Jimmy Buffett. “Hoot” serves as a suitable introduction to the significance of conserving animal habitats, making it an engaging and age-appropriate choice.

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3. Adventure Planet

Meet Norva, a wise young girl, and Jorpe, her toddler brother, in a tranquil rural village in Asia. The high-tech lifestyle hasn’t reached these two orphans yet; their world remains a haven where spiritual villagers harmonize with the pristine natural surroundings. However, in the thrilling escapade of ADVENTURE PLANET, their serenity is rapidly disrupted: first by the arrival of Sam, a troublesome castaway from the bustling Capital State (reminiscent of the U.S.A.), and subsequently by inexplicable streaks of fiery lights appearing in the sky. Jorpe, blessed with the gift of communicating with nature, instantly senses the impending danger. He warns the other children about the significant challenges plaguing Earth, while those who hold influence remain oblivious.

4. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a story about a wild horse that people are trying to tame. Although you will hear about the fact that there are wild ponies in the USA, this is not the main idea. Children will be able to reflect on the importance of protecting wildlife and animals.

5. Happy Feet

Antarctica is a harsh land with bewitching landscapes. Not many animals can survive here, penguins are one of the inhabitants. We’ll be watching Mumble, an emperor penguin who wants to learn how to sing like his friends. However, he discovers another talent in himself – dancing. This gives reason to think that it is not necessary to follow the path or example of your closest friends or environment, you are unique and can develop your talent. The film also touches on environmental issues, including the human impact on what surrounds him.

6. Over the Hedge

“Over the Hedge,” a delightful comic strip by Michael Fry and T. Lewis, explores the profound impact of humans on natural habitats. The mischievous raccoon takes charge, rallying fellow woodland creatures to repay the food stolen from a bear. However, during their hibernation, they awaken to discover their forest home transformed by a sprawling housing development.

7. A Beautiful Planet

Audiences witness the entire planet, both its captivating beauty and its tragically transformed aspects, from the International Space Station’s perspective. Through the film, you will learn more about the life, difficulties, and working conditions of astronauts on the ISS. A Beautiful Planet provides an unparalleled exploration of Earth and humanity’s impact on it.


8. Police Patrol

One fateful day, a power outage befalls the village coinciding with an electric mishap that transforms Radar into an electric car. Together with his companion Dottie the Otter, Radar embarks on an adventure. Amidst their playful escapades, Radar finds himself trapped in the river. However, he manages to escape as the river inexplicably drains. As Radar delves deeper into the situation, he uncovers the nefarious agenda of two wicked brothers seeking to privatize the village’s water supply. Unfortunately, the village is enthralled by the arrival of their country’s princess and remains oblivious to the water shortage and the increasing temperatures. It is up to Radar to foil the brothers’ sinister plans while persuading his fellow police officers and citizens to preserve public control over the water supply.

9. March of the Penguins

The Academy Award-winning documentary “March of the Penguins” (2006) has a unique charm for children and adults of all ages. He will guide you through the emperor penguin survival story that each of them has to go through. The combination of insightful storytelling and interesting animal facts left a lasting impression on everyone I knew who watched it.

10. Ice Age

“Ice Age” is a family-friendly option for youngsters to explore the natural world’s history. We are invited to follow the prehistoric creatures that went south in the hope of survival. Although the idea is quite deep and provides many valuable lessons, it is all presented in a humorous style. The franchise has many sequels and they all revolve around the story of survival, global warming, and similar natural phenomena.

11. Moana

“Moana” is a captivating Disney animated film set on a Polynesian island. We find ourselves in a world where the central figure is Moana. The ocean itself asks her to restore the lost heart of the goddess Te Fiti. While all aspects of Moana are great, the soundtrack deserves a special mention. It was written by renowned composers Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa’i, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Acquaintance with the rules of a sustainable lifestyle from childhood will allow you to instill the right knowledge and skills. This is the only way for our descendants to live on a healthy planet. We all should strive for this. Like all global goals, everything starts with each of us. 

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