The Top 21 Zero Waste Blogs Of 2021

Zero Waste BlogsWith Zero waste blogs on the rise, I felt it was essential to show you where to get the most relevant information.

These sites have helped me on my journey by providing knowledgeable and well-researched content.

Top Zero Waste Blogs To Get You Started

Many of the blogs document their personal experiences with zero waste living, so you get a unique view from each site.

Check em out here:

1. Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste was started by Kathryn Kellogg. She started the blog after experiencing health issues; this experience led her to lead a zero-waste lifestyle. The website was started to help redefine the system by creating a caring community.

Going Zero Waste homepage

The blog page focuses on ways to reduce trash, but it also features recipes, natural ingredients, DIY practices, and eco-products. All of the articles are well written and focus on how certain products can be damaging to health.

2. Zero-Waste Chef

The Zero-Waste Chef blog was designed to help people reduce the amount of waste created when cooking. Anne Marie Bonneau went plastic-free in 2011 due to the amount of waste her kitchen created.

Zero Waste Chef Homepage

She now teaches classes on sourdough and kombucha. Her blog has a wealth of information, recipes, zero-waste basics, and much more. All the information on here site is super fun, and I love her kombucha lessons.

3. The Rogue Ginger

Erin Rhoads created The Rogue Ginger; she started documenting her progress with her journey, which began in 2013. She wanted to share the tips on how she reduced waste, and since then has become one Australias most popular zero waste blog.

The Rogue Ginger hompage

The website features some fantastic zero-waste knowledge, and more importantly, she uses her voice to provoke changes in policy. She features content about local events, reducing trash, environmental changes, and more.

4. Zero Waste Guy

The Zero Waste Guy was created by Jonathan Levy. He’s the leading male in the industry and uses his knowledge as a Zero-waste project manager for LA. He wanted to use his background to share his perspective and experiences in the field.

Zero Waste Guy homepage

The blog features categories, including DIY, Activism, How-to guides, travel, and more. The information is up to date and relevant while explaining some complex environmental issues that need addressing before it’s too late.

5. Wasteland Rebel

The Wasteland Rebel or Shia Shu started the blog to make living a zero-waste lifestyle easier to achieve. The aim was to use her lifestyle experiences and make them accessible to anyone.

Wasteland Rebel homepage

Throughout the blog, you’ll see a selection of recipes and life hacks to make life simpler. Her website features a host of zero-waste lifestyle tips surrounding the topics, bathroom, bedroom, on the road, and much more!

6. Reusable Nation

Reusable Nation was founded by Vix and Dave, two South Africans that now reside in Australia. The site provides a vast amount of practical information and advice. The couple has always been careful about waste since living in South Africa.

Reusable Nation homepage

But this was pushed further after watching the Netflix documentary “A Plastic Ocean,” it made them want to go plastic-free. Since then, they’ve been using their platform to share knowledge about products and where to shop.

7. My Plastic-Free Life

Beth Terry started the website My Plastic-Free Life after reading an article while she was recovering from surgery. She saw a picture with a dead sea bird that had a stomach full of plastic.

My Plastic Free Life hompage

The website focuses on how crucial it is to take personal responsibility when reaching a zero-waste lifestyle. She also puts the pressure on to big companies by asking for reforms.

8. Eco-Boost

Eco-Boost was created by Kate Arnell, she aims to inspire people to live a eco-conscious life. The blog is based in London, so it provides a Londoner’s perspective. She believes it’s not about being perfect, but more about making positive changes.

Eco boost hompage

The site has a lot of great information about living a zero-waste life; all the content is very well written and provides a great perspective. The main categories focus on fashion & beauty, zero waste, organic products, and a sustainable style directory.

9. Litterless

Litterless is a site based out of Chicago and was created by Celia Ristow. The blog focuses on striving for a zero-waste lifestyle, but imperfectly. She wanted it to be a place where newcomers could learn more without feeling intimidated.

Litterless Homepage

The website has a massive library of information available at your fingertips, including were to bulk buy at shops or online, where to compost, and zero waste consulting.

10. Zero Waste Nerd

The Zero Waste Nerd site was started by Megan in 2015; the aim was to document here zero-waste progress from day 1. Throughout the blog, she shares her experiences and tips in the most natural way possible to help you along your journey too.

Zero Waste Nerd Homepage

The website is dedicated to providing users with information about where you can bulk buy food with a fantastic database of stores. She covers a whole range of topics, including babies, bathrooms, cleaning, DIY jobs, pets, and so much more.

11. Wild Minimalist

The website Wild Minimalist was started by Max and Lily, the site originated as a store for eco-friendly products but has since added a blog section. They started their journey because they wanted to make it more accessible for people to begin their eco-journey.

Wild Minimalist Homepage

They aim to vet all the best environmentally-friendly products and businesses and report their findings back to you. Throughout the site, they provide information, tips and tricks, and DIY knowledge for you to get stuck into.

12. Lucy Biggers

Lucy Biggers is based in New York City and uses her video journalism to keep people up to date with environmental issues around the world. She also has a video series One Small Step, which is hosted on Now This News.

Lucy Biggers

She uses her blog in the same fashion as the video network, to promote change and keep people up to date with local events, DIY tips, sustainability, and much more. All the posts are very informative and great to watch.

13. Live Conscious

The blog Live Conscious was created by Fiona, who, in her own words, is a “self-confessed Eco-warrior and advocate for social change.” Fiona had always felt passionate about climate change and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Live Conscious homepage

The site is about living a sustainable life and traveling, which it does by providing information and tips. It has plenty of categories for you to get stuck into, including living, eating, traveling, and helpful resources.

14. Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Jungle was started by Lyall and Joy; they wanted the site to be their little space to share tips, tricks, and hacks they had learned. The couple grew up in South Africa and hope to help inspire their readers to find value in mother nature.

Sustainable Jungle

They now travel around the world, trying to make it better place one journey at a time. They combine their podcasts and blogs to cover topics around zero waste, sustainability & ethical fashion, beauty & personal care, and so much more.

15. Zero Waste Nest

It was all started by Morgane Beernaert, and she’s on a mission to help reduce the number of waste products in your life; she does this via Zero Waste Nest. Morgane calls herself low waste rather than zero waste because she feels it makes it sound more achievable.

Zero Waste Nest

The site is London based and has the goal to reduce waste little by little, by providing valuable information surrounding the subject. The topics cover fashion, home and beauty, and much more, but she also includes a great list of resources.

16. Treading My Own Path

The site Treading My Own Path was started by public speaker Lindsay Miles. After seeing a flyer for a plastic-free challenge, she decided to give it a try. After that, she decided to start living more minimally and wanted to show her progress on the blog.

Treading My Own Path Homepage

Through the blog, she hopes to help you take steps towards living a more sustainable life and making better choices. Lindsay helps to shed light on troubling issues while remaining positive. The topics range from DIY, cleaning, eating, ethical consumption.

17. Gippsland Unwrapped

Gippsland Unwrapped was started by the blogger Tammy Logan. After the Plastic-Free July challenge, she decided to refuse all plastic for one month. Since then, she has been working to make the site the number one zero waste living source for Gippsland.


It’s an excellent place for people to start learning about zero-waste living and focuses on people that live in rural areas. She understood that people living in rural areas have a limited amount of bulk stores. The site talks about local events, kitchen, family, and much more.

18. Sustainability Tribe

In 2009 Amruta Kshemkalyani started Sustainability Tribe to help raise awareness for UEA residents about region-specific sustainability. She wanted to show how making small changes to your lifestyle can lead to significant changes for the planet.

Sustainability Tribe homepage

Amruta wanted this site to be the go-to guide for living an environmentally conscious life in the middle east. For the past 11 years, she has become a key figure in the UAE for creating a grassroots movement.

19. Waste Free Land

Amanda Chapman started Waste Free Land due to her childhood love for the environment and animals. The blog is based in Auckland, so you get a feeling for life in New Zealand. As the blog grew, she also started new projects like the Auckland library for tools and the community fridge.

Waste-free Land homepage

The site is an excellent library for getting started in your zero waste lifestyle. It features a Beginning Waste Free page, which features all the information you need to get started. Other topics include building a tiny house and travel & tramping.

20. The Renz Nest

This a Uk site that was started by Jessica Renz in 2017. The Renz Nest is a relatively new site but has tins of valuable information you can use. Jessica started the blog because she hated how much damage plastic was causing the environment.

The Renz Nest

She now gets to share her journey to the masses by giving tips and tricks on how to reduce plastic consumption in your household. The site covers topics around improving your kitchen, bathroom, lifestyle, and food & drink habits.

21. Spot Of Earth

Spot Of Earth was started in 2011, but under the name Musings From A Northern Village. It began as a place to hone her writing skills and share her thoughts. The name may have changed, but the mission remains the same: sharing her experiences with zero-waste living.

Spot Of Earth homepage

All of the articles are written from her personal experiences and journey, which is nice to see. The site focuses on local events, DIY recipes, cooking, zero-waste products, and much more.


That should be more than enough blogs for you to sink your zero-waste teeth into. All of the sites have a wealth of knowledge for you to absorb.

If you think I’ve missed one off the list feel free to comment below so I can check it out. And if you’re still looking for more check out this list of sustainability blogs

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